You have successfully signed out of ChemVantage

If you were signed out unexpectedly, it is almost certainly because your browser did not persist your session. ChemVantage uses the session ID value to keep you logged in from one page to the next. The most common session failure occurs when ChemVantage is displayed inside a frame (e.g., when using a learning management system). Here are a few ways to solve the problem:
  • If you disabled cookies in your browser, you must enable them for the domain
  • In your browser settings you may be able to tell the browser to trust the domain
  • Ask your instructor to configure the assignment in the LMS to present ChemVantage pages in a new window
  • If you have a choice of browsers, avoid Internet Explorer and use Safari (better), Firefox (better) or Chrome (best for maintaining sessions)
  • Ensure that both the LMS and ChemVantage URLs are configured to use secure (https) encryption
  • When you click on a ChemVantage link, open the page in a new window (e.g., in Safari, use Command-click to open the page)

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