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ChemVantage LTI Registration

ChemVantage now supports LTI Advantage Dynamic Registration.
If your LMS supports this, use the URL:
The process should be fast and easy!

Otherwise, you may proceed with manual registration by completing the form below to obtain a set of LTI credentials. The information you provide will help us to create a trusted connection between your learning management system (LMS) and ChemVantage that is convenient, secure and certified by IMS. When you submit the form, you will receive an email containing the information you need to complete the configuration of your LMS as well as a link to finalize the registration.

Please tell us how to contact you if there is ever a problem with your account (see our Privacy Policy):
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For instant account approval, your Email domain (above) should match the Home Page domain.

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Type of LTI registration: LTI Advantage Complete, including Deep Linking, Assignment and Grade Services, Names and Role Provisioning Services

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