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LTI Support Page

IMS Global CertifiedChemVantage supports the IMS Global Learning Solutions LTI standard, versions 1.0 and 1.1.
The IMS conformance registration number for ChemVantage is IMSB2C2ce2014W1.

All LTI connections and ChemVantage services are provided free of charge.

Most LMS platforms like Canvas, Blackboard, Sakai and Moodle support stamdard LTI connections. You may obtain a free set of LTI credentials by entering a consumer key value (any string of characters that uniquely identifies your LMS) along with your email address into the form below.Your LTI credentials will be emailed to you immediately.

For further assistance, contact Chuck Wight (

Email Address: (where the credentials will be sent)
Consumer Key: (e.g., moodle257-myschool-edu)

Implementation in Canvas (other LMS platforms may be similar)

  1. Obtain a set of LTI credentials (see above).
  2. Login to Canvas as a course Instructor, navigate to Settings, select the Apps tab, and click View App Configurations. Then click the red +App button and complete the following fields to create a new External Tool:
    • Configuration Type: By URL
    • Name: ChemVantage
    • Consumer Key and Shared Secret: (cut/paste values from step 1; do not include any blank spaces)
    • Config URL:
    • Submit
    Alternatively, you may create the app manually:
    • Configuration Type: Manual Entry
    • Name: ChemVantage
    • Consumer Key and Shared Secret: (cut/paste values from step 1; do not include any blank spaces)
    • Launch URL:
    • Domain: (leave blank)
    • Privacy: Anonymous
    • Custom Fields: (leave blank)
    • Description: ChemVantage is an Open Education Resource for teaching and learning college-level General Chemistry.
    • Submit
  3. Create a new Canvas assignment with the following recommended parameters:
    • Name: (as appropriate, e.g. Quiz - Heat and Enthalpy)
    • Points: 10 for quiz or homework; 100 for practice exam
    • Submission Type: External Tool
    • External Tool URL: (or select ChemVantage from the list of installed apps)
  4. After you update the assignment, you should see the ChemVantage Assignment Setup Page (if not, click the assignment link to connect to ChemVantage). Select the appropriate ChemVantage Quiz, Homework or Practice Exam for the assignment.
  5. On the ChemVantage quiz or homework page, the instructor will find a link to customizing the assignment for that class by selecting/deselecting question items to be presented to students. Instructors may also contribute new questions that will be reviewed by a ChemVantage editor before being incorporated into the ChemVantage database.
  6. Important! Navigate to Settings, Student View to take the assignment and ensure that the score is posted correctly in the Canvas grade book. ChemVantage does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) from students, so returning scores to the Canvas grade book is the ONLY way to ensure that students get credit for their work.

Use these links to find general instructions for installing external tools with LTI:





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